Year in Review


Student Lending Art Program


List Projects: Civil Disobedience


"Part of the thrill of being at MIT is the constant sensation of growing smarter and wiser by bumping into other people’s ideas, from the frontiers of creativity and understanding—and the List Center delivers on this promise every day." —Dr. L. Rafael Reif, MIT President


Heimo Zobernig: chess painting


List Projects: Adam Pendleton


On Adam Pendleton: “When an artist captures a cultural moment just so, it’s like a lightning bolt—there’s a crackle in the air, a blinding flash, and the clouds part.” —Ted Loos, Wall Street Journal


Carissa Rodriguez: The Maid


Allison Katz: Diary w/o Dates

_DSC9106no bars.jpg

List Projects: Gordon Hall


On Before Projection: “One of the finest moving-image gallery exhibitions in recent memory." —Ed Halter, Artforum


Before Projection: Video Sculpture 1974-1995


A Year in Review