Program participants looked, thought, discussed, connected, and engaged together.

During the 2018 Fiscal year there were:

  • 60 Programs with 2,641 total attendees

  • 34 Exhibition Tours with 598 total attendees

  • 38 Public Art Tours 594 total attendees

  • 12,643 Tours taken via our Oncell App

Programs included Graduate Students Talks, Public Art Tours, Artist Talks, Panel Discussions, Exhibition Tours, Catalyst Conversations, Artist Workshops, the Lavine Lecture, Sketch Sessions, and Gallery Talks.

All of our programs are free and open to the MIT Community and the general public.

Being a student guide at the List gave me the opportunity to deepen my connection to art and share a beautiful part of MIT with others.
— Joe Faraguna, MIT JUNIOR
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“Thank you so much for hosting us and sharing your expertise with our class. We all found it to be invaluably enriching to the course experience. We do hope for the opportunity to work with you again!”

– Dr. Fox Harrell, MIT Professor of Digital Media & AI


“Being a tour guide was a neat experience… I feel like I became more familiar with MIT's public art and have a better understanding of the art world in general. I'm better at communicating my thoughts about particular art pieces and forming coherent ideas… I've become more interested in what each artist is trying to convey, what their intentions were.”

—Claire Traweek, MIT Student

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